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Dylan Kirby has been working as a live sound tech, recording bands and taking the odd film scoring gig in and around Vancouver since 2014. After partaking in various musical endevours, working in various kitchens and warehouses and attending the occasional university lecture back in The Olde Country (AKA Saskatchewan), Dylan travelled West, not unlike like his childhood hero, Fievel the Mouse. He would attend The Art Institute in Vancouver and study audio engineering (with a little bit of psychoacoustics and music theory along the way ), work at the notorious Iron Road Studios/ rehearsal space/ venue, work more crappy jobs, follow Brian Else around Vancouver for a while, play a few instruments in a few bands, and organize & run live sound for large scale indoor and outdoor events (including multiple years working the sound boards for Vancouver’s original classic recipe Psych Fest and Burger Fest, among other multiple-day events). He has set up mics, moved faders, and argued with drunk people at venues ranging from The Wise Hall to The Waldorf, from Red Gate to Studio Vostok (RIP), while recording and mixing releases for local Vancouver musicians as often as possible. Dylan is currently riding the ivory space craft of post-secondary education once again and, although this leaves less time for The Lab, he is still invested in playing, recording, mixing and producing music that goes by many names. Facilitating the creation of art is the mission at Satellite Sound Lab.


( Left to Right – Mark Lingelbach, Dylan Kirby. )

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